One of the easiest to clone

First you need to read the card. Place it on the Low Frequency antenna and run

lf hid fskdemod 1

LF – Low Frequency
HID – HID Module
FSKDEMOD – Demodulate the information on the card
1 – Only do the first card, if ommited it will keep demodulating anything it finds until you push THE BUTTON

Clone the card

Result similar to this

#db# TAG ID: 2004ebb702 (23375) - Format Len: 26bit - FC: 137 - Card: 23375

Now to clone it put a clean T5577 (or T55xx)

lf hid clone 2004ebb702

LF – Low Frequency
HID – HID Module
CLONE – We are going to clone it
2004ebb702 – The code from the previous step

After your done test the card with

lf search

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