Pretty easy to clone

Read the ID off the card

lf indalademod


Checking for known tags:

BitLen: 64
Indala UID=0000000000000000

Place a blank T5577 on the device and run

lf indalaclone 71482213a

finaly test

lf search

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PROXMARK 3 – Paradox Cards

A little more difficult to clone but so far:

lf search

You will get

Paradox TAG ID: XXXXXXXXX - FC: YY - Card: ZZZZZ - Checksum: AA - RAW: 0f555554aa4a396a9999589a

Take the RAW and split it into 3 equil lengths (8 characters each)


Place a new T5577 and write the code to the 3 blocks

lf t55xx write b 1 d 0f555554
lf t55xx write b 2 d aa4a396a
lf t55xx write b 3 d 9999589a

Finally write block 0

lf t55xx write b 0 d 0x00107060

and test

lf search

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PROXMARK3 – Clone HID Card

One of the easiest to clone

First you need to read the card. Place it on the Low Frequency antenna and run

lf hid fskdemod 1

LF – Low Frequency
HID – HID Module
FSKDEMOD – Demodulate the information on the card
1 – Only do the first card, if ommited it will keep demodulating anything it finds until you push THE BUTTON

Clone the card

Result similar to this

#db# TAG ID: 2004ebb702 (23375) - Format Len: 26bit - FC: 137 - Card: 23375

Now to clone it put a clean T5577 (or T55xx)

lf hid clone 2004ebb702

LF – Low Frequency
HID – HID Module
CLONE – We are going to clone it
2004ebb702 – The code from the previous step

After your done test the card with

lf search

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RTP Stream Audio

On Servers and Clients

edit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf
Add this to the bottom

resample-method = src-sinc-fastest
default-sample-channels = 2
default-sample-rate = 44100
default-sample-format = s16le

Edit /etc/pulse/

On client
Add this to the bottom
load-module module-rtp-recv

On server

Add this to the bottom

load-module module-null-sink sink_name=rtp format=s16be channels=2 rate=44100
load-module module-rtp-send source=rtp.monitor
set-default-sink rtp

Restart your pulse audio on all the devices
(pulseaudio –realtime=y) and in a few second client will find servers and start playing it

I had latency issues between my two clinets of over a second
I managed to sync them using the latency_msec but found that over time the audio woudl drift. Im not sure if its because the pulse audio version differencial (5 vs 8) or somethign but but have given up
On one client
load-module module-rtp-recv latency_msec=500

on another client
load-module module-rtp-recv latency_msec=1600

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Raspbery Pi as a BlueTooth Speaker

This is step one in my multi step goal of creating a multi room sounds system.

Turn the PI into a BlueTooth Speaker

This part we will setup the pi to receive BlueTooth Audio (and if you are using a regular pi you can even play it out the hdmi or analog port) and Later we will stream it over RTP.

I installed the official Orange Pi software but found that it was lacking in updated module, so instead i decided to install Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.24 stable Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS 4.9.4-sun8i
A linux supported BlueTooth module version 4 or better for the telephone sync. My original test was with a Raspbery Pi so i know this part works as well

Update and Install required packages on the pi
sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth bluez-tools screen

Add your user to the proper groups

sudo gpasswd -a pi lp
sudo gpasswd -a pi lp
sudo gpasswd -a pi audio
sudo gpasswd -a pi pulse
sudo gpasswd -a pulse audio

Create a file to configure that PI, put it in discoverable mode call it

hciconfig hci0 up
hciconfig hci0 class 0x200420
hciconfig hci0 name HomeAudio
bluetoothctl << EOF power on discoverable on agent NoInputNoOutput default-agent pairable on EOF

Set the file as executable
chmod +x

finally if your NOT running X you need to start up Pulse Audio
screen -dmS pulseaudio --realtime=y

Finally if you want all this on boot edit your /etc/rc.local and add this about your exit 0
Remember to change the path to your

sudo -u pi -g pi -H screen -dmS pulseaudio --realtime=y

You should be able to now play audio using blutooth.

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Multi Room Audio System with PIs

My goal: Create a method i can blast music through out my house from my cell without the need to buy expensive Sonos or similar.

Attempt one: Pulus Audio and RTP Stream

I’m using an ORANGEPI

* It has a network port
* It has a USB port
* its Cheap

Im using a Rasepbery Pi 2
* It has a network port
* It has an audio jack
* its Cheap

Step 1- Raspbery Pi as a Bluetooth speaker
This step create the Bluetooth input we will need to cast

Step 2 – RTP Stream
This step createa an RTP steam to your network, and receive it on other devices

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VMWare Workstation 12.0 on Kernel 4.xx

Since kernel version 4 there are some issues with running workstaion 12 as the kernels modules fail. Below are instructions how to change the original TAR files so that they are patched and will work

(remember to run sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)to install headers)

cd /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source
mkdir 1
cd 1
tar xvf ../vmmon.tar
mv ../vmmon.tar ../vmmon.tar.old

cat > t.patch
< if (misc_deregister(&linuxState.misc)) { < Warning("Module %s: error unregistering\n", linuxState.deviceName); < } --- > misc_deregister(&linuxState.misc);
patch vmmon-only/linux/driver.c < t.patch rm -rf t.patch tar cfv ../vmmon.tar *

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GPIO for Orange Pi – Its Working!

Ornage pi has been the bane of my existance. First i find out the camera interface is differnt and have to order a new camera now the gpios are not working.

But i got them to work so im documenting them now!

1) You need a newer version for WireingPI (Called WireingUP). The source provided online is gone in git hub. But i found another one here

Installation is easy enough

chmod +x build

2) You need to install the module gpio-sunxi
modprobe gpio-sunxi

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Mix G1 3D Printer J-HEAD Upgrade

I bought a j-head and it was sitting in my drawer for almost a year. I didnt realize i didnt know how to upgrade my existing MIX G1 hotend to a JHEAD. After some research earlier this year i set out on re-working the Extruder to support it, as it was obvious the stock part where just not compatible. As i started to build the extruder I also realized that the X Cartridge would not work with this setup either. The JHEAD is simple to big if compared to the Stock hotend, and it would just not fit into the extruder.

So i searched and found there was already an “upgraded” x cartridge that was printable (vs the Laster Cut i got with the printer). I re-worked it to support both the Mix G1 extruder, and lined up the holes for the WADE extruder. I also increased the size of the hotend opening allowing the JHEAD to fit!


Next the Extruder was worked on. I increased the depth of the base, to allow for a mounting system for the JHEAD. two screws in the front allows you to screw the jhead in place. The back was lengthend for a future DUCT MOUNT that i am planning on designing.


Been printing whit this for over a month now and it’s working great!

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Yellow Pages – Why their model will never work

I dont think i have turned to a yellow pages book , or online for over a decade. It used to be the place to go to find a plumber, a lawyer, what have you. You would pay a fee to get your add bigger and better then every one else but since yellow pages would feed of BELL’s new number system, and since Bell was the only game in town… everyone was there!

I mean every business would have a phone line. and when they closed they would get rid of it.

Yellow pages tried to re-invent itself to show that they ware the LOCAL company. Find stuff local! But everything you see them do flys in the face of that. First you cannot be listed on their website without paying. Well that is not true.. they will give you ONE listing, but if you have multiple locations, forget it! PAY THEM or no listing. No wonder i cant find anything!

The bell feed has seriously broken yp’s functionality. Many people do not have a BELL LINE. VOIP costs have come down, and there are so many competitors. One business i helped out had only FAX LINES listed because VOIP was their main lines, but VOIP where bell lines! Well not only was that not helpful, it was down right damaging to the brand.

Sure as a business owner you can call them and fix the fax lines, but forget getting listing. A company that turns away FREE SCRUBBED INFORMATION in this day in age.. well what can i say… explains their stock prices!

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