Had a question today “How do i add outlook emails into my android device”.

Well the easiest way i could think of is to get a GMail account. By getting a Gmail account, you can add your other e-mail accounts as an “import” feature, and setup alternative outgoing e-mail accounts and thus making your GMail a hub for all your incomming e-mail. To add these email accounts click on the Gear at the top right corner of your gmail screen, select Gmail Settings. Once in the setting screen select the Import Account tab.

You can leave outlook as is (as long as you check the Leave E-mail on the server button in Gmail, and it may not be a bad idea to leave the e-mails on the server for a few days in outlook) or you can switch over to IMAP view and have “read” e-mails synced.

But since Gmail is “free” and all android devices play well with GMail, its the best setup for a “cloud” email!

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